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Customers of Glashart Media and Telfort now have the opportunity to search for video’s and series in the on demand video library on their tablet, which is designed and developed by Stoneroos. The library, with Videoland’s content, has been added to the iOS an Android tablet apps by Stoneroos. These apps already made it possible to watch live tv, control the settop box and use as a program guide. 

Stoneroos combined her own EPGdata.tv product with an on demand catalog, making it an even more complete solution. The app is a white label product by Stoneroos; the TV Companion App. With the smooth navigation and the clear and bright design it’s very easy for users to find their favorite film or series and play it on the TV. Previously, it was only possible to search for films and series on the interface of the TV itself.  

The cooporation between Stoneroos and Glashart Media is lengthy and has a long history. First, Stoneroos was responsible for the design and development of the settop box TV-interface. This was later expended with an app for the tablets, making it possible to communicate with the settop box via an API that was developed by Stoneroos. This made it possible to (among other things) pause, play and switch channels of the live and on demand TV. In addition, all Glashart Media products use the enriched EPGdata of Stoneroos. In this EPGdata, coming from the EPGdata.tv-brand (by Stoneroos), contains  services and products like images, social media links and other relevant information.  

With the addition of the on demand video library in the apps, the coorporation between Glashart Media and Stoneroos has extended even further and made the app even more complete!



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