TV Anywhere

OTT apps for T-Mobile Thuis

OTT apps for T-Mobile Thuis

T-Mobile goes OTT NOW!

T-Mobile stepped on board and used our OTT NOW! expertise and technology to create TV Anywhere. TV Anywhere is an OTT product line that accompanies the existing T-Mobile Thuis service to satisfy the TV watchers needs. The OTT applications include: Android and iOS apps for mobile and tablet; a web player for any browser; as well as an Apple TV app.

Mobile and tablet apps

Watch Live- and On Demand TV where you want, when you want.

Everything you need in one view. The personalized Home screen is designed to offer the user an overview of their last activities so they can pick up where they left off. The very nifty ‘Continue Watching’ feature created by us allows the user to continue watching a program on any devices they want, regardless of the app that was initially used. The Home screen also shows an overview of ‘Reminders’, which notify the user when a specific program is coming on. And lastly the home screen gives a quick overview of what is live broadcasted right now.

Stay in touch with what you watch. Picture-in-Picture has the user stay in contact with the video when other tasks within in the app are performed. Developed by Stoneroos, this neat feature allows the user to keep watching their program, while they’re looking for other shows to watch, setting reminders or managing parental control. Unique for apps with live TV content!

All that is now live in one view. The clear Watch TV screen is designed to guide the user allowing them to easily and quickly find their favorite programs to watch. The user is able to put their favorite channels as first to view, next to all channels in a second view.

A unique and user friendly TV guide. As most TV guides rely on a grid view based TV guide, TV Anywhere uses the patended Stoneroos TV guide. The TV guide shows channels side to side, as demonstrated in earlier TV guides by Stoneroos on tablets. When scrolling up and down programs in other channels jump to the selected time slot, showing the user what other programs are on at the same time. The guide provides users with program information going back 7 days and 7 days in in the future. Accompanied with the apps Search Function, there’s no way user won’t find what they’re looking for.

Stream from mobile or tablet to your TV. For the ultimate TV experience, the TV Anywhere apps are featured with the Google Chromecast extension. This enables users to stream to any TV that is equipped with a Chromecast.

Apple TV app

A next gen TV experience for your 4th gen Apple TV

Stoneroos created a unique Apple TV app using the power of the 4th generation Apple TV. Just like the other TV Anywhere apps it includes the familiar functionalities: Live and Catch up TV, a quick and user friendly TV guide (patented by Stoneroos and an competitive alternative of the Rovi patented grid based guide) and search functionality.

TV Anywhere is unique for being the only Dutch TV provider that offers an ATV app.

Web player

TV always available online

To enrich the OTT experience, Stoneroos designed and created the TV Anywhere Web player. To stay in touch with what you are watching the web player is built with an ever playing stream. Features such as the TV guide and Search will always have a full screen stream playing in the background.

The TV Anywhere web player is equipped with the Continue Watching feature. No matter where or what you were watching, you can always continue where you left of, on all of your devices.

The Chromecast functionality provides the ability to connect with your TV, you can easily find the button in the player controls.


This project is made with OTT NOW!

By using OTT NOW! this project was able to be realized and released fast on multiple devices.

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iOS and Android apps

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Web app and Apple TV app

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