Telfort and Glashart Media IPTV apps

Discover and Watch in total control

Telfort and Glashart Media, sub-brands of KPN, have chosen the White label OTT NOW! iOS app to update their current tablet apps. The new apps are equipped with an extensive set of features, like Live TV, an easy-to-use TV guide, a personal Dashboard, Smart search and a VOD library. On top of that there is the Companion app feature which makes it possible to connect with- and control multiple set-top boxes; users are able to manage their recorder, switch channels and use trick play.

The cooperation between Stoneroos and the KPN sub-brands is lengthy and has a long history. First, Stoneroos was responsible for the design and development of the Amino set-top box TV interface. This was later expanded with an app for the tablets, making it possible to communicate with the set-top box via an API that was developed by Stoneroos. Among other things this made it possible to pause, play and switch channels of Live and On Demand streams on the television. In addition, all products use the enriched EPGdata of Stoneroos. This EPGdata, coming from the (by Stoneroos), contains services and products like images, social media links and other relevant information.


  • Glashart Media
  • KPN
  • Telfort

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