SpotList Music

A fun way to create playlists!

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SpotList Music

A fun way to create playlists
SpotList Music

Everyone knows the struggle; finding the right music for your current mood. So many songs you like,
but you lack inspiration or just can’t be bothered to actively search for them.
The answer: SpotList Music!

Just log in with you Spotify Premium credentials and you are ready to go.

SpotList API

Music API

SpotList Music communicates with the Spotify API. This enables users with a Spotify Premium account to use the entire music database from Spotify in SpotList Music.

The SpotList Algorithm

SpotList creates new playlists based on a single tag. We use your tag to ‘dig’ into Spotify and search for all the existing playlists that have your tag in it.


The songs from these lists are compared with each other, and the most common songs are presented to you in a brand new playlist; your SpotList!

SpotList Algorithm

Play and edit your created playlists in Spotify

With SpotList Music it becomes super easy to create a nice playlist. Because we created an app that communicates with the Spotify API, users can save and edit all their created playlists in Spotify. Just click on the option save playlist and the playlist is automatically saved in your Spotify account.
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Download SpotList now!

SpotList is available for free for both iOS and Android
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SpotList is not the only music app that is developed by Stoneroos.
We also developed Popped, check it out!


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