Discover. Listen. Swipe.

Discover. Listen. Swipe.
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Commissioned by a leading operator in the music industry, Stoneroos developed the ‘Popped’ app.
With this app, users can easily discover new music and share it with friends.
Stoneroos was responsible for the development, branding and interaction- and user interface design.

Endless stream of Music

Popped offers the users an unlimited stream of new music. There’s no need to search for the music, Popped will give the user a new song when the previous one is finished or disliked.

You can swipe to indicate whether you like, or dislike the track.

Different playlists

User can create a profile and use this to make playlists with the tracks they have liked. Others can follow these playlists.

Of course, this also works the other way around; every user has the possibility to follow someone else’s playlist and listen to their tracks.

Also, it’s possible to create playlists together with friends!

Share tracks with friends

With Popped, users can share tracks with their followers. Everyone can send a song to one of their followers. This way, users can share tracks with their friends.

Create a playlist with your friends

The is app is designed to let friends create playlists together. Anyone who is invited to the playlist, can add tracks to it.

When a new track is added to the playlist, every members can see when and who added the track to the playlist. This way, listening to music becomes a social event.

The Popped-chart

A music app needs a chart list.

Therefore, we’ve developed a ‘Popped 25’-chart for Popped, where the tracks with the most likes will be displayed.

This way, popular tracks get the attention they deserve. It already occurred that the number 1 track in Popped became the number 1 track in iTunes a few weeks later!

Follow your favorite artists

If a user wants the whole repertoire of a certain artist, he/she can start following this artist.
This way, all the tracks of the artist – available within Popped- will appear in a playlist.
Whenever there’s a new track of the artist available in Popped, this will be add to the playlist

A different platform means a new way to navigate

After finishing the Android app it was time to start working on the iOS version. This meant going back to the drawing board to redesign the navigational structure of the app to meet the expectations of the iOS users. Instead of using the hamburger button to navigate to the different sections of the app we included a tab bar at the bottom of the screen to make the most important sections directly available for the user.

Popped is commissioned by


  • Sony Music

Our services:

  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design
  • Visual Design