Catch-up TV, live TV and more

Our goal

Commissioned by the Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO), Stoneroos wanted to create a completely new catch-up TV experience, based the previous successful ‘Uitzending Gemist’ application of the NPO. The new app makes it possible to catch-up TV, watch live TV, listen to the radio and in the future interact with your second screen.

Sketching out ideas

Some first sketches of the application. The sketches are made to document all the different ideas we had about the app. The sketches can be divided in four categories; catch-up TV, live TV, live radio and Second Screen.

Sketch NPO Home Sketch On Demand Sketch Details

Turning sketches into wireframes

When the sketches are final, the next step is to recreate them using wireframes. These wireframes give the previous sketches a clearer view, making the end product more ‘touchable’.

Wireframe NPO Home Wireframe Search Wireframe Details Wireframe New

The new app!

The new NPO companion app has a complete renewed lay-out. Based on the modern style of the NPO, Stoneroos used her experience in designing apps to create a intuitive, stylish and user friendly app that fits the current day and age.

The home screen

The home screen offers some highlighted programs. In the bottom of the screen, the user can choose to search for programs, see a list of the programs in alphabetic order, see a list of the newest programs or see a list of the most watched programs.

The NPO programs available On Demand

Instead of the use of vertical scrolling, what was used in the previous ‘Uitzending Gemist’ app, the current application uses horizontal scrolling through the programs, giving the user a clear picture of the available programs. Navigating through the most important sections in the app can be done with a sliding menu. After choosing a section, a submenu will open, allowing the user to choose a subsection.

Program details

When choosing a program, the app offers a clear view of the most important program information. In the bottom of the screen are all the other episodes of the current program shown. The user can watch certain programs up to 30 days after the original broadcasting time. Don’t want to watch it right now? With a simple click on the ‘Watch later’ button, the program is exported to the ‘Watch later’ list.

Watch live television

Besides catch-up TV, it is possible to watch live television or listen live to the radio broadcasting.

Also available for the iPhone

The app is not only available for your iPad, it is also suitable for your iPhone so you can use it all the time, everywhere!

Download the NPO app now

If you want to experience all the great features of the NPO app yourself, then download it now in the App Store!
(Important: if you want to see the On Demand video content you have to be in The Netherlands.)

The NPO app is updated with Live Synchronisation!

Stoneroos expanded the app with audio synchronisation using watermarking. This means that the app receives the exact timestamp of the first screen, using this to synchronise the app to the first screen.

Therefore, both screens are perfectly synchronised, no matter what the delay of the first screen is, offering possibilities for the users, programme makers and advertisers.

NPO Live App


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