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Stoneroos helps KNIPPR to break free

The TV subscription market is a conservative one and has been the same for years: want one channel, you end up paying for a lot more. KNIPPR (T-Mobile) wanted to disrupt this market with an innovative OTT TV service and Stoneroos was asked to design and develop the web environment consisting out of a Live- and On Demand TV webplayer, a TV guide, E-shop, Personal subscribtion environment and marketing & sales pages. Together with the teams of KNIPPR and Ericsson a beautiful and innovative OTT TV service was launched which can compete with the big names in the industry!

Welcome to the next generation TV experience

15 years of experience in creating state of the art iTV products really paid off in creating the user friendly and stylish webplayer. With the TV stream always playing full-screen in the background the user is immediately immersed into the next generation TV experience when he enters the webplayer.

The KNIPPR customers can watch their Live TV, pause it and restart the show if they would like to in the browser. It is also possible to watch a TV show 7 days from its airing using the smooth TV guide and with the On Demand player the user has full control of the content and is always able to switch quickly back to Live TV.

Adding functionalities such as Chromecast streaming, marking favorite channels and social sharing make the KNIPPR webplayer feel like an established and arrived service.

Set favorites

Player design elevates the TV experience

Chromecast integration

A premiere: the KNIPPR Apple TV4 app

Using the power of the 4th generation Apple TV we designed and developed the first Apple TV 4 app for a TV service provider, including the same functionalities that are also present at the webplayer: Live and Catch up TV, a quick and user friendly TV guide (patented by Stoneroos and an competitive alternative of the Rovi patented grid based guide) and search functionality.

At the moment the user logs in with their KNIPPR account the app will present their subscribed and favorite channels in the known but specially customized Apple TV4 user interface. By following the tvOS design guidelines and thereby adding KNIPPR design elements the app feels unique, high end and familiar at the same time.

With launching this app KNIPPR and Stoneroos created a lot of publicity up to the point that customers of KNIPPR competitors were asking their providers to please start developing an Apple TV4 app for them as wel.

One of the eye-cachters of the Apple TV4 platform are the buttons with the parallax effects. We used this technique to create high quality and attractive cards that not only serve as buttons but also presents the user all the beautiful and rich content available in the app.


An innovative service
gets an innovative e-shop

One of the main propositions of KNIPPR is the ability for their customers to easily turn their subscribed individual channels and packages on or off, per month, unlike other TV service providers offering only channels in packages and always up for a longer term. To facilitate this, we designed the KNIPPR E-shop, where we were responsible for the front-end development and as integrator we made sure that the Subscriber- and Billing Management software was properly connected to the back- and front-end.

Working intensely together with the company responsible for delivering the Subscriber- and Billing Management software Stoneroos had to tackle many big and small issues to make sure the specific wishes of KNIPPR could be met. Because the innovative drive behind KNIPPR was really strong some elements in the Subscriber- and Billing Management software had to be especially developed and tweaked to make all the functionalities available in the front-end. This proved to be a real challenge but at the end we pulled it off and we are really proud of the outcome.

In the E-shop UX and UI design process there was an intense cooperation between the Stoneroos designers and the product design and marketing & sales teams at KNIPPR. Our knowledge about iTV and UX/UI design and the knowledge of the teams at KNIPPR about E-shops and sales & marketing proved to be a good mix to deliver an effective and good looking E-shop which promotes the service and content, increases sales and improves the position of KNIPPR as the next generation way of consuming TV.

Add a mix of channels at once to your profile.

Or choose and add individual TV channels.

Subscribe and start watching!

A new customer is just four steps away from instantly enjoying their favorite TV shows with the smooth subscribe and ordering user interface.

Come into the store and get a discount

By developing a voucher tool that was linked to the Customer Billing and Management System, T-Mobile employees working in physical stores across the country are able to give KNIPPR discounts to existing T-Mobile customers. We took care of the integration, the front-end design and development.


A Personal Subscribtion Management tool developed for maximum control

Today, customers want to manage everything online themselves, including the content and duration of their TV service. For this reason the MyKNIPPR environment was developed giving the customer control over his subscription. The users can for example easily pause or stop their subscription, add or delete TV channels, gain insight into their invoices, manage their devices and of course update personal information. For this, again working together with the product design team at KNIPPR, a responsive front-end was designed and developed and we integrated it with the Subscriber- and Billing Management software that had to be customized and tweaked to meet the demands of KNIPPR.

Drupal design and development

T-Mobile selected a Drupal based theme to set up the KNIPPR marketing and sales website. We provided a Design Guidelines document and a CMS with customized designed templates for the KNIPPR marketing and sales team, so they could insert new content in the website and also create new pages if necessary using the templates and design guidelines.

Besides the Design Guidelines document we also custom made some HTML pages with integrated Drupal elements. This resulted in tailor made solutions which are easy to adapt by the sales and marketing team by using the Drupal CMS. Of course all the pages are responsive.

AWS services and support

Stoneroos hosts the KNIPPR Web Portal so that it meets the scalability and availability requirements of T-Mobile.
Stoneroos has configured the hosting infrastructure for the KNIPPR web portal under the Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have configured the hosting infrastructure to automatically scale (i.e., increase the capacity of) the required infrastructure to handle growing numbers of users. Our hosting infrastructure can even periodically scale-up to handle sudden spikes in the amount of users (i.e., flash crowds), and then scale-down (to reduce costs) when the user traffic normalizes. Furthermore, Stoneroos Support provides 24×7 support to mitigate any issue related to the hosting of the KNIPPR web portal.


This project is made with OTT NOW!

By using OTT NOW! this project was able to be realized and released fast on multiple devices.

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