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Delta IPTV powered by OTT NOW!

As a result of the recent technological developments more and more video content found its way into the living room and beyond. Live and On Demand seem to blend into each other and the way video is being consumed is no longer on a TV screen at home, but anytime and anywhere on any device. To keep track of these developments and to be ahead of them, Delta asked Stoneroos to design and develop an innovative and eye-catching TV product for STB, iOS and Android.

Making use of our OTT NOW! solution, Stoneroos and Delta were able to create a cutting-edge brand new TV experience for the new IPTV Platform Delta subscribers who now have the opportunity to experience all interactive features like watching and pause Live TV, Catch-up services and Recordings on their preferred devices.

Video Content is Key

Thanks to the state of the art but uncomplicated and transparent interface the video content gets the focus it deserves. Guided by the interface the user knows where he is at any time, making the product feels familiar right from the start.

In addition, the innovative character of the product is visualized by progressive UI solutions, clear typography and smooth animations to give the service the next-gen appearance that fits the hardware.

From Moodboard to User Interface

Driven by the briefing and ambitions of Delta a moodboard was created by Stoneroos serving as a conceptual blueprint for the concept of the experience and to be the fundament for future design decisions.

The design process starts with a Moodboard

Optimized for Every Device

Making use of our OTT NOW! technical framework the UI is optimized for each device. Using our knowledge and experience users will have a consistent and seamless TV experience on any device.

Stoneroos’ Patented TV Guide

The design of the TV guide is unique and deviates from most grid view based TV guide which shows the data in horizontal blocks. The patented Stoneroos guide shows channels side to side, as demonstrated in earlier TV guides by Stoneroos on tablets. When scrolling up and down programs in other channels jump to the selected time slot, showing the user what other programs are on at the same time.

The patented TV guide is part of OTT NOW!

Picture in Picture

Within the Delta applications video content is key. For this reason we developed the custom picture-in-picture feature to achieve this goal. By minimizing the video player, the user can navigate through the apps without having to miss anything of the program being watched.

Open. Select. Enjoy.

To prevent endless browsing through lists and sections the most relevant content is presented to the user in the first screen. We created a clear starting point with Recommendations, personal favorites, popular Catch-up items and Cloud Recordings making sure the user can enjoy the video content of Delta as fast as possible.

Delta OTT on STB

Delta OTT Android apps

Delta OTT iOS apps

Multiple devices, one product

Stoneroos’ OTT NOW! Solution has been used for the development of the Delta apps. By combining the basic – specially developed for Delta – concept with components from OTT NOW!, a new television experience is created with a consistent UX across multiple platforms.


This project is made with OTT NOW!

By using OTT NOW! this project was able to be realized and released fast on multiple devices.

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