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Launched in a short timeline by using OTT NOW!

Caiway IPTV powered by OTT NOW!

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Dutch TV provider Caiway has successfully launched a range of IPTV apps in a short timeline by using OTT NOW! Multi-Platform Solution.

Making use of OTT NOW!, Stoneroos and Caiway were able to create a cutting-edge brand new TV experience for new Caiway IPTV subscribers who now have the opportunity to experience all interactive features expected in current and future NextGen TV apps.

Consistent UI across multiple devices

By making use of the OTT NOW! framework the UI is optimized for each device. Our technical knowledge combined with the experience gained in the past by creating dozens of ITV and EPG products, resulted in a consistent and seamless TV experience on any device.
OTT NOW! Framework
Caiway TV Gids

TV guide grid view alternative

The design of the TV guide is unique and deviates from most grid view based TV guides which shows the data in horizontal blocks. The patented Stoneroos guide shows channels side to side. When swiping up and down for one channel, the adjacent channels jump to the selected time slot, providing the user an easy way to see what is on at the same time.

Picture in Picture

Within the Caiway applications video content is key. For this reason, we developed a custom picture-in-picture feature to achieve this goal. By minimizing the video player, the user can navigate through the apps without having to miss anything of the program being watched.
Picture in Picture

Caiway STB

Caiway Settopbox

Caiway Web

Caiway Web

Caiway IOS apps

Caiway ipad

Caiway Android apps

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This project is made with OTT NOW!

By using OTT NOW! this project was able to be realized and released fast on multiple devices.

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