Amino iTV Interface

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Amino – a major player on the set-top box market – wanted to show its latest set-top box to the general public on the various shows. To demonstrate the powerful processor of the set-top box in an attractive Over The Top (OTT) demo interface, Amino was looking for an interactive agency that would be able to do this.

Stoneroos was approached for this assignment. Previous projects for Tele2, Vodafone and Glashart Media have ensured that Stoneroos has gained a lot of experience in designing and developing on Amino set-top boxes.

The rich and powerful features of the set-top box and software are emphasized by an exclusive and elegant style, characterized by a dark palette in combination with contrasting gold tones, with smooth animations completing the whole in style.
To show the impressive possibilities of the set-top box and to enhance the media experience, it is possible to play two video streams simultaneously. The TV picture in the background is slightly visible by means of a semi-transparent background over which the advanced picture-in-picture video stream is played.

In the demo it is possible for the Amino sales staff to navigate through the OTT menu through the live TV streams, the TV guide, the video store and the Amino App Store.

The concept, user interface design and development were realized in three weeks by Stoneroos in close collaboration with Amino.


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