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Your OTT service on the web

Looking for a web TV interface for your Premium OTT TV service? The Web TV app of Stoneroos is capable to create a stylish and user friendly user Interface on top of every type of player to make it ready for the future.

The Web TV app is easy to adapt to meet your demands and that of your customers. It’s easy to adapt the interface tobe consistent with your brand design guidelines and is it always possible to add extra functionalities such as a VOD library for instance.

The Web TV app product is ready to be connected to each streamingplatform, player and data source. A dedicated team of developers and designers will make sure your OTT TV service will meet your technical-, design- and business demands and will be ready for the future.

Stoneroos has 15 years of experience in designing and developing iTV User Interfaces for Settop-boxes, mobile devices and the web.We are also capable to implement and design an E-shop and Subscriber Management Services into the Web TV app.

Web TV app

• Modular & fully customisable
• Extensible

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