TV Companion app

Winner of the Afdesi international ITV Awards 2015!

The International ITV Awards involves all companies with a live interactive television service during the year 2014.
The competition has grown to incorporate all new formats of television interactivity, through remote control, fixed and mobile phone, 2nd screen, Internet.
The Stoneroos TV Companion App has won in the category “Best User Experience”.

Brandable and customizable

The experience Stoneroos gained in the past by designing iTV software and mobile apps can be perfectly used to design pixel-perfect TV companion apps. Whether there is need for an iOS, Android or Windows 8 application, at Stoneroos we are able to fully adapt the TV companion products to your brand and identity.



The TV companion app products can also be extended with connectivity as a feature to create the ultimate controller app. This extended app gives users the ability to control their set-top box wherever they are, as well as to have a comprehensive program guide with a Stoneroos patented user interface. Moreover, this connectivity enables zapping, pausing live TV, (remote) controlling recordings and setting reminders with just the touch of your finger.

The connection between the app and set-top box is facilitated through an adjustable mobile API developed by Stoneroos.

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The Stoneroos TV companion apps are modular applications. You can choose the functionalities that suit your customers needs. These are some of the functionalities we can provide: a patented list view for a TV guide, a personal dashboard including recommended content, Live TV, set-top box controls, a search engine, advertising, VOD and a DVR manager.

Dashboard TV Guide Programdetails Search results

Different language, EPGdata and business model

The TV companion apps are easy to adapt to other languages. Implement local content or EPGdata and choose a suitable business model for your product and customers.

Showcase: second screen app for the Dutch Public Broadcasting Organisation

Commissioned by the Dutch Public Broadcaster (NPO), Stoneroos designed and developed a completely new ‘catch-up tv’ app.
The application makes it possible to catch-up most of the programs broadcasted by the NPO. Furthermore, the app offers the possibility to watch live tv and listen to the radio. Curious? Press the button below to find out more!