Second Screen

The secret lies in the co-operation

A second screen app is more than adding a Twitter stream to your
TV format. With our background in producing programs we believe that we can strengthen your format when a second screen app is conceptually integrated from
the start. This way you increase the viewer experience and relation to your format. Furthermore,
you won’t lose your viewer between or after the broadcast.

As an interactive television pioneer in the Netherlands, Stoneroos has the experience
in creating and developing TV formats and the interactivity around them.


Together with the NCRV, Stoneroos created the interactivity around
the classical music program C-Majeur in 2004.


iAd RaboMobiel

A interactive commercial was created for RaboMobiel, in which the viewer could guess whether a certain football or hockey situation would result in a goal or not.


My First Home

For this home and living program,
an interactive environment was created where the viewer received more information about the topic
of the episode.

All these programs were developed on the first decoders and middleware and despite
the technical limitations we were able to create interesting, challenging and successful concepts. From experience, we know how important it is to integrate interactivity from the start in a format, and how to do this well.

What we have to offer

With a history in the public broadcasting, Stoneroos has a lot of experience and feeling in creating television
and the surrounding concepts. Add this to our inhouse design and develop capabilities and you’ve got a golden combination. Because we always strive for high quality and unique apps, we challenge our designers and developers to go for
the perfect user experience in a stable and well developed app.


To integrate the app perfectly with your format,
we can help constructing the interactive concept.


Functional Design

In order to combine the format and the interaction with each other perfectly, we think about the functional design, timing and layout.

Interface Design

Our designers translate the feeling of your format
to a stylish and user friendly interface.



An app has to be stable, quick and detailed.
Our developers can combine these three perfectly.

Examples of our work

StarTV Second Screen
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Showcase: second screen app for the Dutch Public Broadcasting Organisation

Commissioned by the Dutch Public Broadcaster (NPO), Stoneroos designed and developed a completely new ‘catch-up tv’ app.
The application makes it possible to catch-up most of the programs broadcasted by the NPO. Furthermore, the app offers the possibility to watch live tv and listen to the radio. Curious? Press the button below to find out more!