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Stoneroos is part of NEP The Netherlands

What we do

  • Concept Development
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development

Our story

Stoneroos is part of NEP The Netherlands

Since 2021, Stoneroos has been part of NEP The Netherlands. NEP is the market leader in the field of video delivery and has one of the largest audiovisual data centers in Europe at its disposal. From here, they serve clients such as NPO, Fox Sports, Ziggo Sport, Disney, Pathé Thuis, and Videoland Unlimited

As part of NEP, we are able to even further accelerate the development of our products and services and target a broader international market. The combination of products and services coming from both parties allows us to strengthen our position as the go-to party for a full service end-2-end OTT platform and metadata services.

About Stoneroos

Stoneroos is specialized in making interactive television accessible. Having 20 years of experience with design and development of user interfaces for all devices, we are the party to prepare your TV service for the future. Our team consists of experienced developers and designers who are masters in a variety of fields, who work together effectively and are able to switch quickly to accommodate the clients wishes. With a deep passion for large amounts of data, elegant code and beautiful intuitive products, our team is always on the lookout for innovative solutions when concerned with user experience and software solutions.

All the experience gained over the years, combined with the various customer projects, has led to the OTT NOW! and products. OTT NOW! is our multi-platform end-2-end OTT solution that can help TV operators, broadcasters and content owners to create and roll-out their next generation television experience and deliver a consistent UX across every platform. is a content discovery service that improves our clients’ television experience through comprehensive metadata and enriched content. On top of that the SaaS tool EPG Manager can be used to Import, Enrich and Export your metadata.

Who we work with