Stoneroos enters Switzerland with the launch of the Sunrise Apple TV app with operator login

As part of the launch of Sunrise TV neo, Stoneroos is very proud to bring the tvOS application with Single Sign-on operator login to the Swiss market. Stoneroos is fully responsible for the design and development of the tvOS app, which is connected to the Huawei Envision platform.

Sunrise TV neo is the modern way to watch TV: no contractual obligation and no cable clutter. Sunrise TV neo works independently of which internet provider is being used.

Among the available clients, the Apple TV app – designed and developed by Stoneroos in close collaboration with Sunrise, Huawei and Apple – will have a prominent role. The combination of the Apple TV box and the Sunrise TV neo app with operator login will work like a state-of-the-art IPTV STB product.

Sunrise TV neo offers more than 230 TV channels, including over 110 channels in HD quality and when on Apple TV 4K also UHD TV channels. Besides watching linear live TV, Sunrise TV neo includes features like ComeBack TV, nPVR, Instant Restart, Time Shift and Pause Live TV.

The user experience of the tvOS app is fully relying on the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, which makes the app easy to use. By using a variety of sizes and formats for displaying content and the addition of the Sunrise TV neo identity, the app gets an attractive and playful character.

One of the major challenges was to create a fast and intuitive TV guide grid view taking into account the Apple tvOS framework and the wish of Sunrise to show as many channels as possible in one view. Now EPG data loads very quickly which makes browsing the TV guide very smooth and intuitive.

Another complicating factor is to serve the multilingual Swiss TV viewer the best possible way without impacting the user experience, which has been solved smoothly. The app is of course available in four languages, but it also takes into account the language of the subscriber when it comes to content, such as channels, the channel order and recommendations.

About Sunrise
Sunrise Communications Group AG (Sunrise) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich and is the leading challenger in the Swiss telecommunications market. Sunrise is the largest non-state-controlled telecommunications company in Switzerland, offering its mobile, Internet, TV and landline services for private and business customers. For more information about Sunrise TV neo:

About Stoneroos
With almost 18 years of experience in the industry of (digital) interactive TV, Stoneroos is the partner for internet service providers, OTT providers, FTTH operators and broadcasters to bring their products to a next level and to prepare their TV services for the future. Stoneroos provides a bundle of OTT TV products and services that can help extend audience reach, create a next generation TV experience and deliver a consistent UX across all relevant platforms and devices such as Android TV, Apple TV, STB and all mobile platforms. For more information: