Part of NEP The Netherlands

Stoneroos is part of NEP The Netherlands

Since 2021, Stoneroos has been part of NEP The Netherlands. NEP is the market leader in the field of video delivery and has one of the largest audiovisual data centers in Europe at its disposal. From here, they serve clients such as NPO, Fox Sports, Ziggo Sport, Disney, Pathé Thuis, and Videoland Unlimited.

As part of NEP, we are able to even further accelerate the development of our products and services and target a broader international market. The combination of products and services coming from both parties allows us to strengthen our position as the go-to party for a full service end-2-end OTT platform and metadata services.

OTT NOW! Multi Platform TV Solutions

For each device an incredible experience

Consistent UX across multiple platforms for every screen.

Our services

Reliable Enriched Data & Software as a Service

Improve your clients’ TV experience with our complete and up-to-date metadata.

Trusted by major brands


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Apple TV app with Single Sign-on operator login and Apple certified UX design.

Delta TV

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A next-gen TV solution matching the ambitions of DELTA Fiber.


Logo KPN powers premium TV experience KPN. Supplier of metadata, images and innovation.


Logo SportsTribal

A free ad-supported TV streaming service launched with OTT NOW!

Caiway TV

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Refreshing the Caiway TV apps for STB’s, Legacy STB’s Web, iOS and Android devices.

T Mobile

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Groundbreaking OTT experience on Apple TV, iOS, Android and Web including Chromecast.

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Part of NEP The Netherlands